Teenage Escorts Vs Mature Escorts

Escorts are always in demand in the market. They can never run out of business. But age is such a factor that at some point influences the demand and also the business altogether at the end. It is always debatable whether mature escorts or teens are preferable. Here is a comparison between the two general categories of call girls in Mumbai based on some crucial factors that customers consider when they pick an escort. Look up for what suits you right and go right ahead for the kind of girl you would like to meet.

Mumbai Escorts


An escort’s skills are built up by their past experiences. Considering this factor the mature escorts hold an upper hand in comparison to teenage escorts. Mumbai Escorts with years of experience in the business claim that it becomes easy for them to recognize the needs and exact demands of their customers within few minutes of meeting with the client.


Teenage escorts do not have as agile bodies as mature ones do. The agility of the body develops with more sessions and years of experience. The ability to flawlessly perform any position or technique is better off with mature escorts.


Teen girls have a youthfulness and their beauty is at its peak. They look fabulous and are free from signs of aging. Their natural skin glows with their youthfulness. Also the plus point is that they are full of energy.


It is a very prominent factor that no sensual trick or act surprises a mature call girl. She has known all unpredictable manners of her customers and holds an expertise in the field. She may have mastered some fun kinky act herself that worked as the masterstroke for all her customers. Such perks go missing amongst teenage escorts.

 Perky and Playful

Teenage escorts have perkier tits and their bodies are in the best state. Also due to their salad days in the business they show more genuine interest in learning and exploring methods through which they can please their clients. They are playful and enjoy the new form of treatment that they receive.

Precessional Attitude

Mature escorts do not attach sentiments to business. They maintain their distance and do not show judgements or astonishment on any demand. They have a patient attitude which makes their clients feel comfortable around them. Teenage escorts lack this sensibility and sometimes offend their clients.


Mature escorts are past insecurities or hesitations. On the other hand a teenage escort might have some body issues which may make her hesitant and less participative. Also the level of confidence that an escort shows to her client makes the client also comforted. The lack of this form of confidence by the teenage escort may cause trouble to the customer.

So a teenage girl or a mature escort, the choice is yours. There are many Mature escorts in Mumbai from both categories and you can decide which would suit you best. Nevertheless the fun is always guaranteed by either group of escorts.

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